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Gundog Conditioning System
Outdoor Life Hunting Dog Editor Larry Mueller says that with this system there is "absolutely no reason for dogs to become gunshy." In fact, many experts recommend putting every hunting dog through a conditioning process prior to exposing them to live gunfire in order to prevent gunshyness.  This could be the most important training you do with your gundog!

Conditions puppies, entire litters and sensitive gundogs during the off-season to prevent gunshyness from developing. Helps hunting dogs become calmer at shot when they return to the field.

Sacramento, California flat coat retriever breeder and trainer Ken Osborn even uses this system to precondition gundog pups in the womb ("Superdog Search", Outdoor Life, March 1998).

(For conditioning only. Will not cure a dog that is already gunshy or overly sensitive to shot - use Gunshy Cure System.)

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Master's Voice was featured in a recent issue of Outdoor Life magazine.