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Noiseshy Cure System: Thunder/Fireworks
Based on proven desensitization principles, this system is used to successfully cure dogs of various ages and breeds of their noiseshyness (fears and phobias toward thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises). Master's Voice systems have cured dogs of their noiseshyness for more than 20 years.

NEW - This special two-disc system includes a thunder noiseshy CD and a fireworks noiseshy CD, two of the most common causes of noiseshyness.

The Master's Voice system is the result of two years of studies, planning and testing. They have been field tested by acclaimed canine experts, animal behaviorists and veterinary schools. Featured in Cornell University's "Animal Health Newsletter."

See the KennelCalm System to accelerate your training process.

Includes easy-to-follow manual.

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Master's Voice was featured in a recent issue of Outdoor Life magazine.