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th_gunshy.png Gunshy Cure System - 2 Disc
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Gunshy Cure System - 2 Disc
For more than twenty years, hunters have been curing their gunshy dogs with this system - often in less than a month. This gundog training system has worked even with hunting dogs that had previously failed through all other methods tried.

NEW -- The Gunshy Cure System now includes the KennelCalm CD at no additional cost (a $14.95 value) to accelerate your training process.

The Master's Voice Canine Training program uses state-of-the-art behavior modification methods. Each audio segment gradually increases the volume of the gunfire, how often the gun fires, and how long the gunfire lasts. It also changes the source of the gunfire as well as the nature of the sound. Each segment is controlled electronically. Instruction manual helps you succeed at each level of training.

Larry Mueller, Hunting Dog Editor for Outdoor Life proved this system and called it "fantastically successful" Jerome Robinson, Sports Afield Gun Dogs Editor, calls the system "guaranteed".

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Master's Voice was featured in a recent issue of Outdoor Life magazine.