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How it works...

Dogs often develop a phobia - or fear - of loud noises including thunderstorms, fireworks and gunfire. This phobia can become a serious concern - causing dogs to become extremely timid or conduct destructive or aggresive behavior.  Gunshy hunting dogs become unable to perform in the field.  Finally there is a gunshy and noiseshy treatment for dogs that works!

"Too much noise, too suddenly can make a dog noiseshy – timid and fearful of any loud noise,"

- Larry Mueller, Outdoor Life Hunting Dog Editor

Through a process called systematic de-sen-si-ti-za-tion, the Master's Voice dog training system will gradually expose your dog to the noise while it counter-conditions the dog. It replaces the negative response - fear - with a positive one - the calming pleasure of the music.

While the tape is desensitizing and counter-conditioning your dog, you will erase negative behaviors your dog has learned. The process is called extinguishing.

All terms are explained in the manual that accompanies the noiseshy and gunshy cure systems. You will be guided on the duration and pace to proceed through the system based on your dog's response and progress.

The system contains ten minutes of conditioning music, specially composed in a rhythm slightly slower than a resting dog's heart beat, to soothe the dog. The rhythm, tone and instruments used in the music are proven to be effective in calming, relaxing, and making your dog receptive to training.

This is followed by seven segments which combine music with the authentic sound effects (gunshots, thunderstorm blasts or fireworks depending on the system).

The sound effects gradually increase in intensity, frequency and duration.

Finally the music gradually decreases over the next five segments until only the sound effects are heard on the last segment.

Master's Voice Canine Training Systems also offer a gundog conditioning system to prevent debilitating gunshyness in dogs by introducing gunfire responsibly.  Gunshyness can be cured with our Gunshy Cure system it is more preferable to prevent gunshyness in your hunting dog in the first place. 


Master's Voice was featured in a recent issue of Outdoor Life magazine.