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th_gunshy.png Gunshy Cure System - 2 Disc
th_noiseshy.png Noiseshy Cure System: Thunder/Fireworks
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What it is...

The Master's Voice System - reversing gunshyness in hunting dogs and debilitating fears in companion dogs
The Master's Voice Canine Training system successfully treats gunshyness in hunting dogs and noiseshyness - a dog's fear of thunder, fireworks or other loud noises.  The audio training system is based on proven desensitization methods long used by psychologists to cure phobias in humans.

What is truly unique about this training system is the way we've combined behavioral modification techniques with scientifically designed and engineered musical segments.

The Master's Voice system is the result of two years of studies, planning and testing. They have been field tested by acclaimed canine experts and veterinary schools.

These systems have a long history of strong success even with very tough cases. They offer a much more reliable, long lasting and natural treatment than alternatives including drug therapy programs.



Master's Voice was featured in a recent issue of Outdoor Life magazine.