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Don't Discipline - This will only reinforce the negative behavior.

Don't Reassure your Pet - Petting, soothing or giving treats when a dog is behaving fearfully will reward this behavior and reinforce the fear. Try to behave normally, don't acknowledge her fearful behavior and take steps to condition our dog to prevent further incidents.

Don't Confine your Dog - If possible, don't put your dog in a crate or try to restrain her if she is acting fearful or destructively during a thunderstorm or around other loud noises or gunfire. Feeling confined can intensify and reinforce the fear and she will continue to show fear in any way she can (banging against the cage, chewing, howling, etc.).

Don't Force Exposure - Don't recreate or force your dog to experience the fearful situation. Instead work to desensitize the dog in a calming and controlled environment using the appropriate Master's Voice Caning Training system.  Systems are available for a dog's fear of thunderstorms and fireworks as well as systems to prevent and cure gunshyness in hunting dogs.



Master's Voice was featured in a recent issue of Outdoor Life magazine.