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A Dog's Gunsyhyness and Noiseshyness to thunderstorms and fireworks can be cured and prevented!

When dogs develop phobias to specific noises (gunfire, thunderstorms, fireworks) it can become a debilitating problem, drastically affecting the dog's temperment. Dogs who fear thunderstorms become agressive and destructive or painfully timid. Gunshy hunting dogs become unable to perform in the field. Unfortunately, most dog owners inadvertently do the exact wrong thing and reinforce the problem.

Master’s Voice Canine Training Systems have successfully cured and prevented gunshyness, noiseshyness (a dog's fear of thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud noises), and calmed dogs of various ages and breeds since 1986. These unique audio training systems for dogs are based on proven behavior modification and desensitization methods long used to cure human phobias. You can be your dog's own animal behaviorist to cure their fear of thunderstorms, gunfire or fireworks.  Training takes just a few minutes a day, with results in three to six weeks!

"I tried all the traditional gunshy cure methods and nothing worked. The Master’s Voice system cured my dog’s gunshyness easily and quickly. Now I recommend the Master’s Voice system to all my readers," said Larry Mueller, Outdoor Life Hunting Dog Editor. 

Master's Voice dog conditioning and training systems have been been tested and used by leading canine experts and veterinary animal behaviorists including the University of California Veterinary School in San Diego. They have also been featured in numerous national publications including Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Dog Fancy and Cornell University's Animal Health Newsletter.


Master's Voice was featured in a recent issue of Outdoor Life magazine.